rm (rm) wrote,

and a few more sundries

  • Remember my glasses that snapped? Unfixable and they no longer make the frames. So now I have to decide if I just want to be stuck with my backup pair (I don't), and if I want a new pair if I want something like what I had, or square wire-frames, which I'd been thinking of getting anyway, but now that I _have_ to buy new glasses, I'm just cranky and unhappy about the expense.

  • And, SF/F market that I won't be having anything to do with: Flash Fiction Online. Why? http://crossedgenres.com/blog/sff-market-rejects-our-lgbtq-ad/

  • I've just booked our room for Dragon*Con 2010. In the Hyatt. Because they were available. I might let it go later for life in a more subdued hotel, but at least we have something.

  • I'm in a terrible mood.
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