rm (rm) wrote,

[Glee fic] Cherish, Kurt/Blaine, R

Title: Cherish
Rating: R
Characters: Kurt/Blaine, Lauren Zizes, Emma Pillsbury, Rachel Berry
Summary: After the debacle with Chandler, Blaine feels like he needs to be as honest as possible with Kurt about what he needs, no matter how uncomfortable.
Contents you should be aware of: Lots of discussion of BDSM; cultural appropriation aided and abetted by Rachel Berry
Notes: This started as a random thing I wrote in ten minutes and threw up on Tumblr as a response to 3.17 (hence if the opening looks familiar). Now it's a finished fic.

By the time they’re done singing with the rest of the Glee club, Blaine sitting sweetly on the piano bench and gazing up at Kurt perched on top of the piano, Kurt’s ready to take Blaine home and worship him, because wow, Kurt really, really needs to show his boyfriend his appreciation about now.Collapse )
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