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LJ Advisory Board: Q&A time

Thanks for putting me on the ballot so quickly. Below the cut is the statement I made asking for support of my nomination. It is reflective of things I am strongly committed to on LJ, but does not encompass my full platform, which I'll be developing over the next couple of weeks and posting before the voting begins.

This post is for open questions from anyone about who I am, where I stand on stuff, etc., both so that people who don't know me can learn more, and so I can keep this stuff relatively contained in order to allow me to keep doing LJ the way I've always done LJ.

I will also be editing my original nomination declaration to link to this post.


I'm throwing my hat into the ring.

I've been an active LJ user since June 2000, when I joined as reive; I migrated to rm in 2003; and it seems silly to say LJ means a lot to me. I've met many incredible people here, including my partner.

I have been active in speaking out on LJ policy throughout the strikethrough, boldthrough and other controversies and am proud to consider myself a member of many of the constituencies affected by much of the recent upheaval. These include, but aren't limited to, fandom, academia, and creative professionals.

I feel that I am in a unique position to have LJ listen to my perspective on behalf of the user base because of the diversity of my background. On one hand, I write fanfiction, but on the other, the publisher of my professional work advertises with LiveJournal on my behalf. This may give my voice a unique legitimacy with the powers that be, and I feel I've already been effective in establishing ties with some staff members who have come to me seeking opinions and clarifications on user perceptions of both the strikethrough situation and the edited interests list concern.

I've been an active Internet user since 1990, worked for an early, high-profile BBS and have experience with both policy issues and the weird nature of being both part of the community and connected to the authority of the site. My professional background includes journalism, marketing and public relations (again, allowing me to hear LJ's concerns effectively and argue for user rights in terms they can understand and see the corporate benefits of), although these days I work as an actor and a writer.

I'm committed to LJ continuing to offer a free accounts and allowing, encouraging and celebrating free expression to the fullest legal extent available.

LJ shouldn't be a parent, but a forum.

Policy needs to be clear, easy to understand and enforced with an equal hand.

At the end of the day, LJ users provide the content which brings the page views which generates the revenues. We deserve to be accorded the respect that should come with being the bedrock on which the LJ business model is based.

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