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(note: this in progress; I've a lot of old magazines/contracts to dig up).


  • The Book of Harry Potter Trifles, Trivias and Particularities (Sterling & Ross, November 2007).

    Articles for:
  • Disaboom
    • Staying Productive as a Telecommuter
    • What a Career Coach Can Do for You
    • Careers in the Arts for People With Disabilities
    • Adaptive Utensils and Where To Find Them
    • Through the Looking Class Helps Parents With Disabilities Cope
    • Double Minority: Being Gay/Lesbian with a Disability
    • When Disability Strikes: How to Navigate Your Relationship
    • Adaptive Pilates: Determining If It's Right for Your Disability
    • What Therapeutic Massage Can Do for People with Disabilities
    • Are You Being an Abuser?
    • Identifying an Abusive Relationship
    • How to Find a New Doctor
    • Resources for People with Disabilities in an Abusive Relationship
    • Weight Gain and Disability
    • Getting Out of an Abusive Relationship
    • Visible Theater in New York
    • Autism Every Day: Film Review
    • The National Fair Housing Alliance
    • Kevin Connolly: Photographer for Disability
    • Connect TV: Training People with Disabilities for Careers in Television
    • Adaptive Utensils: Where to Find Them
    • National Rehabilitation Information Center Helps Those with Disabilities Get What They Need
    • Muscular Dystrophy Association Sponsors Research
    • United Cerebral Palsy Advocates for Families
    • National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities Connects Families with Resources
    • More Than 200 Accessible NYC Cabs Are Added to Fleet
    • Best Exercises for Arthritis
    • Best Exercises for Back Pain
    • Best Exercises for Parkinson's
    • Best Exercises for Multiple Sclerosis
    • Help Your Child Avoid Obesity
    • Complementary, Alternative, and Holistic Medicine

  • IllusionTV
  • Zappos
  • Life123
  • Turn Here
    • Turn Here produces commercials for small companies in local markets. As of 4/15/2009, I've written over two dozen scripts for these advertisements.

  • Local.Yodle
  • Gather
  • Associated Content


  • The Phone Company in Horror Between the Sheets (Two Backed Books, April 2005).
  • What Makes Us Fine in Doorknobs & Bodypaint #38, May 2005.
  • Spiraling in Cthulhu Sex, #14.1, January 2005.
  • The Phone Company in Cthulhu Sex, #13.1, October 2004.
  • The Disappearance of Howard in Doorknobs & Bodypaint #32, November 2003.
  • Drowning Deeds in Doorknobs & Bodypaint #27, August 2002, Winner of Hayward Fault Line Award.
  • Goodbye in Doorknobs & Bodypaint #8, October 1997.
  • The Business Trip in Doorknobs & Bodypaint #7, August 1997.


  • America in Rattle #24, Winter 2005.


  • Dogboy & Justine (Strawberry One Act Festival, Winter 2006).
  • The Slow End (Theatervision/PlayTime, Summer 2006; Fall 2007).
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