rm (rm) wrote,

sundries, afternoon version

  • I am Mr. Productivity today. Did my work, finally picked up the dry cleaning, went to Costco (chicken tikka masala; chicken, garlic, spinach and fontina sausages; chicken, red pepper and spinach sausages; boursin; pre-cooked chicken breast strips; apple raspberry juice; gluten-free deli-sliced fried chicken; gluten-free turkey basil meatballs), went to the regular supermarket for mangoes Patty needs for a recipe; and have otherwise felt like a functional, contributing member of society. You don't care, but I care.

  • I don't watch SPN. No time. Also, to be frank, what I know about the fandom makes me seriously uncomfortable. But I've heard about a bazillion spoilers for tonight, and guys, I ache for you, seriously. I loved CoE, but I hate to watch another fandom go through this sort of thing, especially when it involves a lot of people who don't necessarily want another CoE-like experience. But hey, I have no horse in this race, so if you want to flail in comments, go right ahead. Obviously, there may be spoilers there.

  • Meanwhile, I think I'm going to nap until Patty gets home. Then we'll make dinner and watch Buffy and Angel while the world explodes for the SPN folk.
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