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sundries, in which we learn that everyone cares about the vuvuzela

  • Can someone please explain to me what the point of a living will is if a family member gets to overrule it? Isn't the whole point to avoid this sort of thing? "A spokesman for the Utah Medical Association said a family member's wishes have more weight than what's written in a living will."

  • Mimicking is your friend.

  • Go make some giraffes.

  • Pianos are better than cows.

  • Apple reverses decision that blacked out panels in a graphic novel app that showed two male characters kissing. Apple still looks like shit for this ongoing app drama, however.

  • McDonald's CEO admits gay-themed ad from France would never air in the US. It's refreshingly frank about it, in a way that's sort of chilling. (Note: I had some other stuff here that I've since pulled that included things about my own biases as well as an inappropriate misapprehension on my part about Christianity. I apologize to anyone I've offended).

  • Anti-gay hate crimes double in Canada. That's from 2007 to 2008, the most recent years for which statistics are available.

  • Because every so often someone links me to the hanky code, usually because of some weirdly mistaken assumption that I am unfamiliar. In this case, however, the motivation was different -- the email came with the note "You're looking for 'flannel' and 'celery.'" Filled with NSFW words, and but those two entries are sort of hilarious for the DW/TW fen.

  • Since I don't really follow soccer, can someone tell me if the great vuvuzela controversy is a legitimate thing on some level or just a bunch of Europeans being all racist and not wanting the World Cup in Africa, to, you know, be in Africa?
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