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  • It's trying to decide if it's snowing or raining. I dropped Patty off in Zurich earlier so she could do more shopping, and I had to go back to work, so -- sadface -- but we'll be together again on Friday! She should be at the airport to get back to the UK now.

  • This visit was SO GOOD and SO NEEDED. Last night, I spent many, many hours booking our UK stuff. This is the plan, because you care:

    - I arrive in Cardiff on Friday evening, and she'll pick me up at the station (oh, hey, does anyone know how much a cab is between LCY and Paddington?)

    - On Sunday we check into the St. Davids and do absolutely nothing for 24 hours.

    - On Monday we check out of the St. Davids and then take a train to Hereford and the bus from there to Hay-on-Wye where we spend the night at The Swan.

    - Tuesday we come back to Cardiff.

    - Thursday, I cook Thanksgiving dinner for whoever is around.

    - Sunday, we go down to London and stay at a ridiculous hotel. We also go to our favorite restaurant in Brick Lane and wander around Camdem.

    - Monday we do something until about 2 or 3 when we have to head to Paddington, where she catches a train back to Cardiff, and I catch a train to Heathrow for my 8pm flight.

    Needless to say, I spent A LOT of money on rail tickets last night.

  • Anyone have any opinion on taxis from LCY to Paddington around 1pm on a Friday? Cost and time? My bags are really heavy and I don't really want to use the tube for the trip, but if it's going to be a total clusterfuck to be above ground, I will.

  • One of the 6 variables that needed to be resolved for me to visit Patty for a week in India when that trip happens got resolved yesterday. There are, however, 5 other variables that remain unanswered, so we just don't know anything yet. If not this time, some time, but the possibility feels particularly portentious now, if complicated.

  • Random crap I need to get done: the TEDWomen contest thing; my DragonCon 2011 app.

  • This may make me a bad person, but South Park is about eleventy billion times funnier in German. This is less true of Family Guy and The Simpsons.

  • Thank you so much for the D&J support yesterday. We still have a lot of work both as artists and fundraisers to do, but it helped us start breathing again!

  • The engagement of Prince William has been announced. When Prince Charles married Diana, I was eight, and my best friend Elyse got up super early so she could watch it all on TV. It was a very, very big deal. It seems strange that next year we'll be watching something of some sort like that again.

  • Internet rage over new TSA policies are absolutely, positively making the news.

  • Fred Goldhaber was once the only teacher at the Harvey Milk School. He passed away on Monday.

  • The age at which people generally come out has gone from 37 to 17 in just two generations. When I tell you the world was different when I was 17, even in NYC, I really, really mean it.
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